A Wedding in The CBD Might Not be That Bad

The perfect wedding venue is always a tough place to find and even though you want the perfect setting for your wedding, you can always trade some of the backdrop for more convenience and accessibility for your guests. Wedding venues in the CBD are often overlooked because of the thought of having buildings all around you is unpleasant. Fortunately, you do get CBD venues that have great views when they are high up in a building or close to the ocean where you can get a clear view of the ocean. Other venues go out of their way to make sure the decor and aesthetic appeal of the venue takes your mind out of the city and into the ideal setting for a wedding. So much so that you forget you are in the city to begin with. The one thing about being in the city is that it is centrally located and easily accessible to everyone that is attending. Brisbane CBD wedding venues are ideal because they are surrounded by public transport systems, have great views or the beach and the river, depending on where you are, and they always go out of their way to make sure your special day is an unforgettable one. In many cases, a CBD venue will often be cheaper to hire than one out in the country, and it is purely because of the convenience they offer. If the venue is located in hotel, then your guests do not have to travel far as they can check in to the hotel and stay over for the night. Some venues would even include a block booking as part of their venue hire just so you can offer your guests the chance to attend a champagne breakfast the next morning. Hotels often have beautiful terraces where you can sit back and admire the city, the sea and the river in the case of Brisbane itself. The day after can be the perfect opportunity for your guests to get out and explore the city if they are not quite ready to venture back home as yet. They can go down to the beach, visit the South Bank and relax with a picnic basket and a bottle of wine before heading off home. The CBD is close to the Botanical gardens and you may even be allowed to have your ceremony in the gardens itself and have your guests shuttled off to the hotel for the reception. The possibilities are endless and even though you might not have thought, it could be the perfect wedding.