5 Most Common Symptoms Of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Can you imagine being incapable of controlling your own body and muscles? Or the pain of phasing out and not remembering who you are or your loved ones? Yes, it’s painful! That’s what neurodegenerative diseases do! A class of brain disorders which affects the health of the neurons, destroy them, are called neurodegenerative diseases. This degeneration of the neurons occurs at different sites of the cells causing different diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Dementia, etc. The most hurtful part about these auto-immune diseases is that there’s no perfect cure. All we can do is maintain the health of the neuron cells and stop its degeneration. Most patients don’t realize its onset as the symptoms are very mild and we ignore them as may show in glimpses in the beginning. This ignorance doesn’t let us prevent the severity of the diseases which is why it is important to know the common symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases in general. 5 Most Common Symptoms Of Neurodegenerative Diseases 1. Rigid Muscles Because the nerves are losing their touch, mobility is the most common issue for the neurodegenerative patients. Muscles get stiff in any part of the body all of a sudden and don’t necessarily remain the same which restricts the consideration of it as a symptom. 2. Ataxia Ataxia is to have balance issues. Meaning, the patient might lose his balance which adds to the mobility issues. It is more commonly observed to affect the patients with Parkinson’s disease. 3. Apathy The patients lose their interest in common and lack the motivation to do anything including the daily activities. Apathy is one of the most common symptoms affecting almost 55-80% of the patients. 4. Vocal Problems The problem with neurodegeneration is that it directly affects the communication between neurons. Decreased or elimination of this communication is the reason every sensory process is halted which may also slow the speech of the patients. Hesitation, missing words, etc. are seen in a wide number of patients. 5. Tremors No, you won’t feel tremors all over the body or it is not something permanent. Yo might feel involuntary tremors in some parts of your body for a brief period. It can be anything, your finger, hand, leg, anything. This symptom is more common in Parkinson’s disease. The most disturbing thing about neurodegenerative diseases is that they are incurable as of now. Many researchers have made it their personal quest to fight the neurodegeneration and there are many clinical trials being conducted. However, people have also turned to natural treatments such as Yoga and meditation which improves the primary symptoms of these diseases. Each of the neurodegenerative diseases is also listed as a qualified disease for medicinal marijuana treatment. But not all states are allowing the medicinal use of marijuana allowing only the hemp-derived CBD oil. There are ample of CBD manufacturers offering many CBD infused products than the conventional oils and syrups. One of my favorites is Green Roads though, especially after I tried their CBD crumble.