5 Facts About Lounge Suits For Men!

What is a Lounge Suit? The term lounge suit has come in the beginnings of the early 20th century. Those times, wearing a regular suit was rather casual and that is what you would wear to a lounge. But yet, at that time, the whole formality scale of clothes was very different. Therefore, today a lounge suit means wearing a dark suit that is rather formal and very similar to a business attire or if you did go to a funeral. Most of the time, you will find a lounge suit dress code on written invitations. So, what you have to wear when the dress code calls for a lounge suit? Let’s have a look at the following facts about lounge suits before choosing the best one: 1. Selection of Color You should go with the best choice of colour selection, which means either go with navy or charcoal. You can also choose the dark grey or even a form of charcoal brown can work. for a better option, stay clear of any bright and loud colours. 2. Outer Wear & Coats This means trench, heavy, or peacoat are not the best choice. You need to opt for a lightweight leather jacket or sports coat. It is recommended that avoid wearing too many heavy layers underneath. You can also have to keep your pant pockets empty. The cbd tailor , Sydney is well-marked in the choice of lounge suit and interlacing. 3. Patterns of Lounge Suit Subtle patterns like a pinpoint, subtle non-contrasting houndstooth, and a faint stripe are also a good choice, but a clear of wide rope stripes or big contrasting white stripes in a dark background are best of best option as it too loud for a lounge suit dress code. You should stay clear with casual suits, other materials such as tweed or bold patterns with a very casual structure and texture. 4. Bow & Tie The best option always will be to wear a suit with a necktie. It can either be a regular classic necktie or a bow tie. Another good option to wear a suit with ascots or open neck since it is too formal of an occasion to go without proper neckwear. Therefore, keep the pattern of the tie classic and conservative. This means go with a blue tie, a red tie, or something in darker shades. But avoid wearing bright orange or yellow ties. 5. Choice of Shirts A plain solid white or light blue are your best options. Avoid wearing patterned shirts, which checked or quite bold shirts like blue and white stripes. Turndown the collar of your collar of your shirt as it is counted as a classic. You can go for a smaller spread and a bigger collar with a rounder face. Ans, for an oval face, make a choice for a more spread collar but avoid a button-down collar since it would be too casual. The overall aim to wear a good shirt is to look appropriate and respectful without being flashy. Accessories In terms of the rest of your accessories, go with over the calf socks so you do not reveal your bare skin. If you want a pocket square, then you can go with one. It is recommended that try to keep it muted, the classic white linen pocket square with hand rolled edges is probably your best bet and you can find it in our shop here. Do not underestimate the importance of the quality of the belt. Bilateral high-quality leather or suede is a great choice. Bottom Line Finally, if you are going to be outdoors, do not neglect sunglasses. There is nothing worse than your face, skewed from the bright sunlight. So, whether you are looking for tailored suits or made to measure suits, Sydney, the bespoke suit is best in their services.